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28 May 2024

South Sudan Battles Surge in Fire Incidents Amidst Ongoing Tree Cover Challenges
South Sudan Battles Surge in Fire Incidents Amidst Ongoing Tree Cover Challenges

A recent report indicates a significant rise in fire incidents across various regions of South Sudan, with a particular concentration in the Warrap state. On May 28, 2024, the country experienced multiple fires, underscoring the environmental challenges it faces.

South Sudan, with an area of over 62 million hectares, has a tree cover extent of approximately 11.40 million hectares. However, the country has been grappling with a net tree cover loss. Over two decades, the loss has been significant, with shifting agriculture identified as the primary driver.

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The data reveals a worrying trend of tree cover loss, which has contributed to environmental degradation. Although there has been a net gain of approximately 280,906 hectares in tree cover, this represents a mere 1.05% change, indicating that the rate of reforestation is not keeping pace with the losses.

The fire incidents add to the country's environmental woes, posing a threat to the remaining tree cover and the biodiversity it supports. The repetitive nature of these incidents in Warrap suggests a pattern that requires attention and action to prevent further loss of valuable natural resources.

As South Sudan continues to face these environmental challenges, the focus on sustainable land management and fire prevention strategies becomes more crucial than ever. The country's resilience against such incidents is not just a matter of environmental concern but also of socio-economic importance, impacting the livelihoods of its people and the health of its ecosystems.

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